Saturday, April 6, 2013

fun with cousin kate

a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have cousin kate stay with us for 3 days while the rest of her family were spending spring break skiing in the mountains. kate is just 2 weeks older than emma and it was so fun to have her spend time with us. the 2 of them are different in looks and personality, but they had a great time together and logan loved having another playmate. the only downside was that we don't have a car big enough for 3 car seats and so we were stuck at home. luckily it was only for 3 days, but by the afternoon each day, everyone was feeling a bit stir crazy. i am a firm believer in leaving the house everyday, it makes for a happier mama and happier kids and these few days reiterated that! but we made the most of our time at home together. 
different day, same spot. it makes me laugh how they get in the zone when monkey george (aka curious george) comes on. 
things got quiet and i found them hiding in the corner with my phone watching elmo.
who knows what dave was showing them, but it must have been interesting. 
contrary to the previous photos, we did do more than watch stuff. i made up some bath paints that i had spotted on pinterest awhile ago and set the kids loose. they thought it was cool and the pretty colors quickly turned to brown and gray. i quickly learned that kate doesn't like to have dirty hands. she was constantly asking me to clean her hands, which of course was futile. bathtub painting eventually led to bath time for my little picassos and i loved seeing the 3 of them in the tub together.   
and nothing keeps the kids occupied for a bit of time than pulling out a big container of marbles and the dirty marbles board (gotta start 'em young).
it was so much fun, although i am ok not having 2 year old twins ;) one night when dave was reading the kids their bedtime stories i looked at them and thought to myself, "3 kids feels good!" i can't wait for this little guy to come join the bunch! 

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