Wednesday, April 24, 2013

logan's first crush

a couple of months ago we got sister missionaries in our ward. i was so excited! i love sister missionaries and apparently i'm not the only one in our family who does. logan instantly loved the sisters and was especially smitten with sister hatch. he couldn't wait to see her at church and show her one of his toys. one morning logan and emma were busy "cooking" in the kitchen (ie - pulling out everything from one of the cupboards). 
logan told me they were cooking dinner for the sister missionaries and told me i was sister hatch. i felt quite honored that logan had asked me to play her! 
in case you're wondering, they made soup (i forget what else) and it was delicious! 
 we were so sad that we only got to have sister hatch in our ward for 6 weeks before she got transferred to another area (seriously sad, she was amazing). but we'll always remember her as logan's first crush! and he's already proven that he has great taste in girls :)

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Jessica said...

That is awesome. Sister Hatch just got transfered into our ward over here in Lakewood! We're THRILLED to finally have Sisters in our ward too!