Thursday, May 2, 2013

general conference weekend

it's hard to believe that general conference was a month ago! the month of april seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. general conference is always one of my favorite (2) weekends of the year. i look forward to being together as a family for the weekend and being spiritually uplifted. i always feel motivated and inspired after hearing the words of our living prophet, apostles and church leaders. i have often found that the greatest blessings of general conference are felt most in my life after general conference weekend, when i got back and re-read/re-listen to the words spoken and find personal application in my day to day life. that of course is where the real work and blessings come. but regardless of what talk i am studying, i am amazed at the peace and increased eternal perspective that comes into my life almost instantly as i read or listen to general conference talks. so if you're in need of either peace or perspective, check it out! 
logan practiced writing (tracing) the names of the apostles
some inspiring words from conference


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Kristen said...

Hey, I saw your mom at WC yesterday. I asked if she was Stephanie Todd's mom and she couldn't believe I knew who she was. I think it's because I see pictures of her on the blog. I was sad you weren't there but it will be worth it to make room for that new baby. Babies are always worth it. Anyway, you and your family are cute.