Sunday, February 10, 2013

life lately

life seems to be moving so quickly lately. i'm not quite sure how it is 2013, not to mention nearing the middle of february 2013! i've been feeling so, so much gratitude lately that i get to be logan and emma's mom. it really is my dream job being home with them each day. they are both at such fun (and sometimes sassy) ages. they keep me laughing! there are so many little things they do right that i don't want to forget, like:
the way logan moves his hips when he dances or how emma will put her head between our legs and pretends to give dave or i a piggy back ride (dave taught her that one) or how if logan makes emma sad the way she goes up to him and snuggles in for a hug and waits for his apology or how emma dances the moment music comes on (and sometimes even without it) or the way logan says "smarshsmallow" for marshmallow or the way logan and emma cuddle together or how emma tries to sing along when we sing to her or the way logan plays "camping," which usually involves every pillow, cushion, blanket and stuffed animal from his room (and sometimes mine...well pillows at least...not too many stuffed animals in my room) or the way emma carries around cars in her purse or the way emma stomps when she's upset or emma's pouty face that just makes us laugh or how almost every song that comes on the radio logan says, "it's my song!" and usually he can sing along. he has the most incredible memory for song lyrics. or logan's current obsession with taylor swift and walk off the earth's song and music video "gang of rhythm." 
here's a visual look at life since the beginning of 2013:
yoga mat picnics
pretending to be a band in a parade
logan became a sunbeam and has loved it! he comes home and tells us about the prophets and scripture stories they have learned like daniel in the lions den, baby moses and joseph smith's first vision. and he sings us new songs he has learned like today when he was running around the house and suddenly busted out "nephi's courage." he said the prayer a couple of weeks ago in primary and volunteered to say it again next sunday!
the kids "playing" a lego video game with dave (their controllers don't have batteries)
emma sporting a "creative" ensemble
i peeked in and caught logan reading to emma. i tried to be sneaky and take a picture, but logan saw me and apparently was not happy i was ruining their moment
pot 'n pan band (we only broke 1 wooden spoon :)
spontaneous pomegranate picnic
a post-gym photo of me taken by logan. yowza!
emma loves to layer on the necklaces
where's logan?!
fun with logan's girlfriend morgan (that's what he calls her :)
she is always climbing up on things to get what she needs
more pomegranates. they love them!
emma found one of my workout tank tops and thought it made a perfect dress
ramps for his cars using my shoes
"camping" in emma's crib
emma wants to sit on the toilet all the time! she has yet to actually go, but we're willing to support her interest. we'd love to have her potty trained before the next peanut arrives.
dave went in to get emma out of bed one morning and found that she had lined up all her friends on the top of her crib. we thought it was hilarious.
i sure love this life!

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Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Oh wow, I am in love with Logan's little suspender and bow tie shirt. You really DO have cute kids. And I know what you mean... we are so lucky to be stay-at-home moms! :)