Saturday, April 7, 2012

general conference weekend

last weekend we spent saturday and sunday watching general conference, a semi-annual event for our church where we are able to hear from our prophet, 12 apostles and other church leadership. i look forward to it every year (technically every 6 months i guess). it is a weekend of vegging out, eating yummy food and spiritual enlightenment. as one of my friends posted on facebook, "conference weekend: the only time i can sit on the couch all weekend, in my pjs, watching tv and not feel like a total slob." so true! you really can't beat church in your pjs! i was reminded of so many wonderful truths and ways that i can improve. now i just have to get to work applying all i learned! i'm so grateful for a living prophet!
 emma found logan's apple and dave's scriptures. this girl gets into everything!
dave went in to get logan up from his nap. logan came into our bedroom but dave didn't come back. when i asked logan where his dad was he said, "daddy's taking a nap in my bed." 
 teamwork! logan and emma cleaning the toilet and emma just chillin'

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