Saturday, March 17, 2012

a peek into our lives lately

sometimes i just have a lot of random pictures of us hanging out. so here's what you get, a post full of them covering the end of february and first half of march!
under the kitchen chairs, a favorite hang out spot for the kids
 emma loves to look out our back doors
(and who know where her other sock was)
 the kids have been going on adventures lately (usually under the kitchen table) complete with "adventure hats" and a flashlight. oh how i love them!
emma's face kills me in the picture below. pure joy! i think i need to crop this picture just with her in it. 
 the loves of my life
yoga mat picnics. logan thinks it's the greatest place to eat his lunch. i always hope i don't find a piece of cheese stuck to my foot during my next pilates class.
at the end of february logan went with dave to his work to watch a certification and competition for chefs. they found logan a extra small chef's hat and coat that he sported. isn't he just the cutest?! dave's boss dubbed him the CLC, certified little chef! he'll even put it on at home sometimes when he helps us cook. 
 dave and logan went on a father-son outing and logan scored a new train. 
 we visited grandma lorrie for her 88th birthday!
 i was sitting at the computer and looked down to see that logan had pulled emma onto his lap. they sure love each other.
 another emma face that just kills me! she is such a happy, smiley girl!
 logan wasn't feeling great this day and apparently needed to rest in the swing. 
 logan helping his dad replace our headlight. he thought it was cool that he got to help dave.
 this girl loves to eat!

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