Thursday, March 15, 2012

emma: 11 months

this past sunday emma turned 11 months. i don't want to talk about the fact that next month she'll be a year. i am in denial. she continues to be sweet, happy and willingly gives smiles to anyone (unless she's tired, and really who wants to smile then ;)
  • she went through a faze this past month of scrunching up her face, sticking out her chin and giving big, cheesy smiles. 
  • she moves all over in her sleep. i love to check on her and see where she has ended up in her crib and what position she is sleeping in. i love when she sleeps with her little bum in the air. at nighttime tickling her face makes her instantly sleepy and she often sleeps with her lovey on her face. 
  • she is "talking" constantly now and it is so fun to hear
  • a couple of weeks ago dave and i were mentioning that emma doesn't laugh spontaneously, only if we really work at it and tickle her (and not necessarily even then). it's almost like she must have heard us because since then she has been laughing and giggling constantly. i love to hear her throaty laugh! 
  • she loves to turn on dave's xbox and is instantly attracted to cords. our printer (which is on the floor under our desk) is one of her favorite places to play (it was logan's too).

  • she is a disposal (i was going to put garbage disposal, but we try to steer clear of feeding her garbage). she can eat and eat, she's like a bottomless pit. i guess it takes quite a bit to sustain those cheeks, belly and thighs (she is one chunky gal). we still have yet to find something she won't devour. she doesn't really eat baby food anymore. she prefers whatever we are eating. we just have to watch that she doesn't eat too much. last week she overate twice and ended up throwing up (one time all over daddy). 
  • this girl is a pooping machine (probably has something to do with her love of eating). probably not what you wanted to read on this blog, but what girl wouldn't want to look back on her younger years and know that piece of info?! ok, enough about poop. 

  • she uses whatever is around to pull herself up to kneeling and standing. she loves to stand, although sometimes she has a hard time figuring out how to sit back down.
  • she crawled up the stairs on the stand at church a few weeks ago. dave was getting the sacrament stuff ready and left her by the sacrament table and the next thing he knew, he looked down and she had crawled up the "stairs" to where he was in the sacrament prep room. 
  • all of the sudden her hair is coming in thicker and darker

  • she's got 3 more teeth coming in (in addition to the 4 she already has), hence the drool.
  • she loves to sit on our laps and bounce and she still loves to be held upside down. if she's sitting on our lap she will often arch herself back until she's hanging upside down. 
  • she weaned herself about a week and a half ago. i tried to nurse her 2 separate times and both time she screamed and pushed away from me. and so just like that she decided she was done. 

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