Saturday, March 17, 2012

the nears come to town

i was just looking through our pictures and realized that i never posted these pictures of when the nears came to visit from utah over president's day weekend. it already seems like too long ago that they were here. even though emma and sophie are only 4 and a half months apart, it was logan and sophie who played together and emma watched them, looking like she wanted in on the action (but couldn't keep up). logan also learned that he has to share the toys at gammy and pappy's house. he is used to ruling the roost over there! i didn't really get any great pictures, although i guess they do depict accurately these busy little people. 
 gammy surrounded by 3 out of her 4 grandkids (collin was somewhere nearby in the room too). she was in heaven!
gammy and pappy with all FOUR of their grandkids! i can't believe there are already four kiddos! they are such fun grandparents!
 we already miss the nears! come back and visit soon!

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