Saturday, March 17, 2012


spring finally arrived this past week and we have been soaking it up (which is good because it looks like it is going to get chilly again. boo!). i am so done with winter and we welcomed spring by spending days at the park, playing in the backyard, opening the curtains and windows and letting the sunshine stream in and driving with the windows down and the radio turned up (or more often than not, primary songs pumped up). the sunshine (and warmth) is good for my soul!

with the arrival of spring i have been on a spring cleaning rampage. perhaps there are many of you that don't know this about me, but i love to deep clean and organize things. it makes me giddy (ask dave, he thinks it's a little crazy how excited and happy it makes me). i have taken garbage bags of clothes and stuff to the goodwill. i have gone through closets, drawers and cupboards and even though there is more to do, it feels so good! i told dave i felt like i was nesting without the pregnancy part (the mention of nesting elicited a look of panic. ha!).

i finished the second season of downton abbey about a couple of weeks ago and loved it! like so many i got totally sucked in and wish i didn't have to wait so long until the next season. and by the way, can they please add more episodes to the season? 7 just doesn't cut it for me.

i got 2 new colors of nail polish that i love, just in time for the warmer weather and open toe shoes! i painted my toe nails at playgroup a few weeks ago. the first and last time i do that. what was i thinking?! i swear, as soon as i pulled out that bottle of nail polish it was like a magnet, attracting little people to me.

i got some new yummy smelling body wash and the smell of it (black orchid and velvet hibiscus) makes my shower time seem more luxurious!

i got a new crock pot because the pot in my last one totally cracked. i still used it for awhile (with crock pot liners, so so worth the money), but finally i broke down and bought a new one. the timer feature is different than my last one and totally awesome! yes, i get excited about things like crock pots. what can i say?!

i love spring flowers! they are my favorites. if i could have fresh tulips in my house all spring long i would love it.

my friend megan alerted me to skinny jeans at forever 21 for $10.50! score! that is totally within my budget. i think i need to get a couple more pairs!

denver finally got an H&M at the end of last year and i still haven't gone. what the?!

it's amazing how quickly i can get in and out of costco when i go in the evening, without my kids and when there are no samples out. but i almost don't know if it is worth it without the samples!

the other night when i was driving 3 out of the 6 pre-sets in my car were playing the same rihanna song. wow denver, mix it up a little!

apparently i am a really loud typer/typist (what is it?). dave tells me it all the time (and just told me again).

logan and dave were just watching a video on you tube and when it finished logan said, "that wasn't a very good one. not yours, we need to watch one of my elmo ones." the boy knows what he wants!

i really want a mini van. make fun of me all you want, but i can't wait to get one someday. i keep daydreaming about cruising around in one.

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