Monday, March 19, 2012

myles' baptism

this past weekend our feisty and sweet nephew myles was baptized. i can hardly believe he is already 8 years old. the room was full of friends and family and we were so happy to be there to support him and show our love. i thought it was pretty cool that every person involved in the program (with the exception of the ward leaders conducting and welcoming him) were family members. he sure is loved!
 myles has always loved dave and when we're together for family events he's often right by dave's side (sometimes showing his love by kicking and hitting. he loves to rough house with dave). i thought it was so sweet that myles asked to have dave give one of the talks at his baptism. dave gave a wonderful talk on the gift of the holy ghost and then was able to be part of myles' confirmation.

we're so proud of his decision to be baptized! it is the best choice he could make right now.
speaking of being in denial about how old my nieces/nephews have gotten, i can't believe lexi is 12 and in middle school! i still think of her as being logan's age, with her "joystick" hairdo! she is sweet, thoughtful and beautiful (and she too loves her uncle dave)!
my parents with their 2 little granddaughters (2.5 weeks apart). check out emma's pouty face. she was soo tired. by the way, i think my parent's are so good looking!
to avoid the crying picture we resorted to the binkie
 our best family picture with 2 very tired kiddos.
i'm so used to being the baby in my family that sometimes it is hard for me to believe i have 2 babies of my own! it's the best! speaking of family and babies, we were missing ryan and lynda and their kids, but they had a good reason for not being there. they were busy on the other side of the country welcoming baby lauren into the world! friday was a big day for our family! congrats! she is beautiful and  we can't wait to meet her!

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