Monday, June 6, 2011

pete's 50th

a couple of weeks ago pete turned 50! it's hard to believe. he is a very young and hip 50!

we celebrated at pete and kathy's with:
great company
erin, john and sophie even flew in from utah and surprised him.
it was so fun to have them in town.

amazing food
even though it was his birthday, pete smoked some meat (on his fancy traeger smoker) and it was so good.
and kathy went above and beyond with tons of delicious sides. it was a feast!
and with all the amazing food, logan's favorite thing was the chips (he's his daddy's boy)!

and fun games

best buds
i had to make a collage of just pete and logan from the party. i love watching them play together.
they are best buds and have a really special relationship.

i just had to throw in this sweet picture of pete reading a bedtime story to logan and sophie
(it was actually sophie's bedtime story but logan crashed the party. that kid loves to read books).

happy birthday pete! we love you so much!

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