Monday, June 6, 2011

kari's birthday!

kari and sterling were over last night and kari reminded me that i am behind on my blogging. it's always nice to know someone reads (dang google reader for lack of comments. although i love to use google reader and will admit i'm not the best at commenting. i guess what goes around comes around). anyway, i decided i better start with her birthday! kari turned 28 a few weeks ago and she and sterling threw a fun party at their house (their first shindig at their new house). it was a fun night with great food (check out that burger in the picture) and amazing cake (my first experience with red velvet. yum! although i will basically eat anything with cream cheese frosting)!

it was so fun to celebrate kari! she is an amazing sister-in-law (and sister, i'll speak for dave), aunt and friend. we're so lucky to have her in our lives. and we have no doubt she's going to be an amazing mom! that's one lucky baby coming to their family! congrats kari and sterling!! we're so excited for you guys (and i'm just excited the secret's out now)!

ps - your present is still coming kari. just think of it as the birthday that keeps giving (even a month later) ;)

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Cole and Mindy Smith said...

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! I am so excited that they are pregnant! Well, Kari is pregnant. Sterling can gain some sympathy weight though- I'm sure Kari won't mind! That ROCKS! Way to go guys! And what the heck! Where was my invite to the big birthday bash?!?!? I'm a bit hurt.