Sunday, June 12, 2011

emma's blessing

in our church we don't perform infant baptism as we believe babies are innocent and sinless and don't need to be baptized until they are older and accountable for their actions. we do however give each baby a special blessing shortly after they are born. on sunday, may 22, dave gave emma a beautiful blessing.

he blessed her:
to grow strong, physically and spiritually.

with a desire to know heavenly father, his son and the truthfulness of the gospel.

to do what is right and to be an example of the gospel.

with a desire to be in the temple and marry a righteous man.

and to have the strength to stand up for what is right.

we are so grateful for these sweet blessings from our heavenly father and the wonderful spirit that was present during her blessing. we hope emma will be inspired by this blessing throughout her life.

we were so lucky to have a lot of family attend the blessing. erin, john and sophie were in town from utah and grandma and grandpa muir were in town from arizona (not to mention all our wonderful local family). we felt so much love and support. we took up 2 of the long middle pews in the chapel and let's just say our family members significantly increased the attendance at sacrament meeting in our small ward.

family of four!

a couple of things to note (so i don't forget):
emma wore the same blessing dress as her cousin sophie
the blanket she is laying on in the pictures above was made by her great grandma todd 9 years ago.
it sat in a drawer for many years waiting for me to get married and have a baby. we used it first for logan's blessing and now for emma's!
emma was blessed at the yale and monaco building
university hills ward of the denver stake
standing in the circle:
dave, papa todd, great grandpa muir, john near, mark rawlings, bishop walker, president millett

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