Monday, June 20, 2011

bring on the day

monday is off to a good start. not for any particular reason, i just have the feeling it's going to be a good day. i woke up to a wonderful rain storm. our bed is right below the window and i loved listening to the rain fall and the feel the breeze blow into our room while i lay all cozy in bed. it didn't hurt either that i got to snuggle the morning away with dave and my sweet emma (a perk to dave not having to be into work until 9:30am this week. although it's going to stink not having him home until 6:30pm). i didn't get out of bed until 8:42am and then we had pancakes with homemade syrup at logans request. we've been staying at my sister's since thursday and so today is a catch up day. there are piles all over the house where we dropped bags last night when we got home late and were rushing to get the kids to bed. so today is a "get things done" kind of day and i am looking forward to it (and i probably won't make it out of my pajamas for awhile which i am also looking forward to). happy monday!

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Jessica said...

I agree, the rain this morning was fantastic and very condusive to staying in pj's. Although we didn't do much cleaning, but I did do a lot of reading while the girls watched cartoons! I love the flexibility of my "job", don't you? :) Emma looks so grown up! Look at those blue eyes!! Neither you or Dave have blue eyes do you?