Thursday, June 2, 2011

motherhood moments

tonight logan woke up sobbing hysterically about 3 hours after he went to bed. as we rocked back and forth in his dark bedroom with blue stars on the walls and ceiling from his turtle, and he snuggled up to me and i stroked his hair and his legs and sang him primary songs, i felt like a mother. not only the one that fixes his meals, changes his diaper, wipes his nose etc, but the one who gets to comfort him when he's upset and calm his fears and make him feel safe and loved (obviously dave does this too, but tonight it got to be me). and as he looked up at me while we rocked and then snuggled deeper into me, with his head resting on my chest, i was reminded what a privilege, blessing and sacred duty it is to be a mother.

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Gina said...

Amen! That's the best part. :)