Monday, December 6, 2010

thankful 2010

we had a wonderful thanksgiving with my family this year. my sister hosted my parents and us (and a couple other families) for dinner and it was delicious.

angela did a fantastic job with the table decorations

logan's appetizer (his dad's nose) before the big meal (which surprisingly he didn't eat much of. i think he preferred the caramel toffee dip. he would just suck it off the apple).

some final prep and the kids staying busy while waiting for dinner

once the food was out i was too distracted to take any pictures. it was all delicious though. i made mashed potatoes and if i do say so myself, they were yummy! they had cream cheese, whipped cream, whole milk and lots of butter, so i don't know how they couldn't be :)

logan wanted to join in the light saber fight

as always, i was grateful for a chance to slow down and reflect on all i've been blessed with. life isn't always easy, but i'm more than blessed and thankful for my incredible family, my faith, great friends, freedom (and food).


Amy said...

Looks like a great holiday.

Kari said...

I love the pic where deej if holding logan and logie is pointing his finger because I can so here him pointing and saying "those"