Wednesday, December 22, 2010

friday surprise

i love surprises! especially from my husband.
last friday dave surprised me by taking the day off of work. i had been whining/pleading all week that he should play hooky but he said he couldn't. it didn't even seem like my pouting was working (what?!). on friday morning he got up like usual, took a shower, dressed in his work clothes and headed out the door (i had been secretly hoping that friday morning would come and he would stay home). i will admit i fell back to sleep feeling a little bummed. suddenly i get a call from him that he forgot his wallet and was coming back home to pick it up. i got up to find it for him and suddenly he walked through the door with breakfast (i am a sucker for the ham/egg/cheese croissan'wich from burger king. don't judge me). it took a moment for it to register that he was back home to stay (and not just dropping off breakfast). talk about commitment to the surprise...waking up early (he has to leave for work by 6:45 am), showering, getting dressed in his work clothes. it was awesome!! we spent the day reading (we are hooked on harry potter), watching a movie, taking a nap and running some errands. it was perfect! i wish he had every friday off (luckily he does for the next 2 weeks)! i love you baby!

oh, there was also some wrestling. logan seems happy daddy was home too!

and more reading (and pointing out the fish...or "shish" if you are logan)

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