Thursday, December 2, 2010

logan at 16 months

at the end of a previous post i included a few things that logan has been up to lately, but i keep thinking of more so i decided 16 months deserved its own post! this is such a fun age. i feel like i say that about every age, but they all seem to be fun in their own way. logan talks a ton and for the most part i feel like we communicate pretty well. i usually know what he wants and i think he usually knows what i am saying to him. it's a lot of fun!

new words: cracker, mun-kee (monkey), ha-ha (for what the monkey says), hoo-hoo (for what the owl says), meow, cat, pic (pig), doot-doot (toot-toot, for the noise a train makes), bubbles, eye, one (the extent of his counting right now), house, nuts (snacks. fruit snacks to be exact), goldfish (the crackers), shoash (fish. funny that he says fish right when he says goldfish, but when it is fish alone he says soash), animals, ships (shapes. and sometimes it sounds like another not so appropriate word which makes us giggle), sissher (sister), mahk (mark, his uncle), myles (his cousin), bus, set-go (as in ready, set, go), toys (the second he gets to either of his grandparents' houses he is asking for toys), mik (milk), gock (clock), pillow, watson (his glo worm), bear, pjs, raisins, baa (for what a sheep says), all done

he also:
  • he makes a blast-off noise and puts his arm straight up in the air when you ask him what a space shuttle does
  • he holds his arm straight out (for the trunk) and makes an "elephant noise" when you ask him what the elephant says
  • sound effects. he seems to constantly be making sound effects. it's hilarious. do girls do this too or is it just a boy thing?
  • he has made up his own sign for "more" (similar to the actual sign language sign, but with his own twist on it)
  • he has discovered sticks and stops to pick them up (and bang them on the sidewalk) as we walk from the car to the front door. this is usually accompanied with sound effects.
  • points out buses when we are out and about
  • thinks every letter is called "o"
  • is obsessed with books. his favorites right now are "in a people house" (he brings it to me and says "house"), "the belly book" (the most random book we got in a set of books and he loves it), "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish," any book about trucks. if you come to our house you will most likely find books scattered everywhere.
  • when we read alphabet books he likes to try to repeat the word the letter stands for (ie. trying to repeat crocodile when we read "c is for crocodile")
  • he loves to read his "jesus" stories, the book of mormon stories book, and point out pictures of jesus wherever he sees them
  • he still loves milk (which most of the time he calls water) and his lovey (his blanket). i know better than to leave home without either of these.
  • we are watching our friends' fish while they are out of town and logan is obsessed with it. he walks around saying "shoash" (his word for fish) all day and constantly wants us to pick him up so he can see the fish (and if he can't see the fish, he wants to read "one fish, two fish," although he can never make it through the whole thing). i'm not sure what he's going to do when the fish goes back to its real home
  • he makes an "o" face (his mouth in the shape of an "o") whenever anyone burps or farts (not that we do either of those in our house;)
  • points out pictures of babies and has recently started pointing to my belly and saying "baby." he'll also give the baby (my belly) a kiss. although i still think he is a little confused because then he will point at my knee and say baby! we're still working on it!
  • he loves to dip his food (and sometimes pretend to dip his food). i think it started with dipping fries in fry sauce (where he dipped not only his fry but his entire hand) and then proceeded to suck the sauce off, dip the fry again and repeat. this past week he has been dipping his toast into his applesauce ("sauce") at breakfast
  • he says "home" every time we pull into our driveway with a major emphasis on the "ome" (making the "o" face again)
  • randomly during the day he will start naming everyone he knows: dada, nana, papa, pappy, josh (and sometimes sascha, a little girl that lives down the street).
  • he is getting better at running...and not falling. it is soo cute!
  • he loves to play at the kids club at the gym
  • he loves other kids and will sometimes go up and try to give them a hug (where he grabs them by the shoulders). we were at the mall play place and he did this to a random little girl. she looked at him like, "who the heck are you?!" and walked away.
  • he has become more affectionate as he has gotten older (that's still not saying much but more is more). he will give kisses (he's a master at the pucker) and hugs randomly. it makes my day!
  • he loves to dance. if there is music on (anywhere...home, the mall, the grocery store) he will stop and dance a little...which involves him bouncing up and down.
  • he loves to have us say "ready, set, go" (he usually joins in on the "set, go" part) and then he will take off "running" around the house.
  • he loves capt'n crunch with crunch berries
  • he's not a big fan of tv (he only will watch for about two minutes) but the shows/movies that can catch his attention for a little longer are "cars" and "thomas the train." he will point at the tv and say either "vroom, vroom" or "doot doot" to let us know what he would like to watch
  • he loves to push buttons. right now he likes to push the buttons on the cd player in his room and turn on/off the light switch (which he also refers to as "push")
  • we've had to introduce "time out" a few times in the last few weeks. he's not a fan of having to sit still in the glider and we're not a fan of it either
  • he is really into stuffing his mouth full of food (which apparently dave was know for when he was little). raisins, fruit snacks, name it and he packs it in.

checking out some of daddy's stuff...headphones and comic books

aunt kari taught logan to smile (on command) last night. so now when you ask him to smile this is what he does. it cracks me up how one of his eyes is at least partly closed.

i feel such a need to record all the little things logan is doing because i don't have the best memory and i want to remember it all. so thanks for indulging me (if you actually made it to the end...probably just dave, kari and the 2 great grandmas that read the blog!)

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