Wednesday, December 22, 2010

meeting santa

mr. and mrs. claus made an appearance at our ward christmas party. even though logan doesn't have stranger anxiety, we still thought he might be a little nervous meeting santa. but while we waited in line he would run up near mr. and mrs. claus and seemed fine, so i thought maybe we were wrong about our assumption.

or maybe not.
this is how it went down...

i have to say dave and i thought the whole thing was pretty funny. and doesn't every child need the classic screaming picture with santa?! hopefully next year will go better!
logan does like seeing pictures/decorations of santa. if you ask him what santa says he responds, "ho, ho" and he loves to point out "no-men" (snowmen). he is also quite enamored with the lights on our christmas tree and we find various ornaments scattered through the house!

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