Monday, December 6, 2010

girls weekend in denver

a month ago (how has it already been one month?!) lindsay came into town from chicago to visit and it was the perfect excuse for us to have a girls weekend! it honestly felt like a weekend away even though i was in my own city the whole time! as soon as dave got home from work on friday i headed for heather's aunt's house, who was kind enough to let a bunch of girls invade her house. we ate, talked and crafted until late (and let's be honest, i mainly focused on the eating and the talking) and finally fell into bed around 3 am (which was a reminder to most of us that we just can't go to bed that late anymore!).

the next day we headed out to shop a bunch of cute shops on broadway (the kind you don't want to take your kids to for fear of knocking something over everywhere you walk). even though i've lived in denver my whole life i had never been to these shops. they were darling!

after a fantastic lunch, we headed to a swanky little salon for pedicures (and while my toes still look great, what place does a pedicure without some sort of foot massage?! i'm still sad i didn't get my foot massage. but not sad enough to pay the extra $15 they wanted for it)

after pedicures we headed to the denver art museum because it was free night. it was once again clear to me that i am not an art expert (no surprise there) as i looked at a lot of pieces in the museum and thought, "how the heck did that make it into a museum?!"

we had dinner downtown at la fondue and it was delicious! i seriously love fodue!

we ended our packed day with an improv show. it was hilarious!
thanks lindsay for coming into town, girls for a fun weekend and dave for holding down the fort!

while i played all day with the girls, my boys enjoyed a gorgeous day at the zoo with gammy and pappy

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