Tuesday, July 13, 2010

12 months

one year old!? how did that happen?!
i swear he just looked like this:
and now he looks like this:

dave and i have had a great time over the last couple of days looking at pictures and reminiscing about what was happening 1 year ago ie. "we were just checking into the hospital" or "i was feeling real good right about now because i just got the epidural (i LOVED that thing)" or "i was pushing right now (and would be for 20 more minutes)" or "i was crying right now (happy tears) because he was finally here." i think about how much i loved him one year ago and while at the time i couldn't imagine being able to love him more, it doesn't even compare to the love i feel for him now. being a mother has brought me so much happiness. i have become "that mom" who gets excited about the littlest things he does (and wants to share it with the world because it is just the greatest). logan is quite personable and a little ham (during our 20 week appointment the ultrasound tech said we had a "showboater" and it's proven true). wherever we go he waves and smiles at people.

these days logan loves:
  • pulling things out of the trash can in our office
  • swinging
  • playing with magazines
  • playing peek-a-boo (especially if it involves pulling a blanket off dave's head to "find" him)
  • singing to himself. especially as he lays in bed before falling asleep
  • giving hugs (it melts my heart)
  • playing with tupperware
  • throwing dvd cases
  • mimicking our sounds and actions
  • walking with our help
  • playing in the fridge. the second i open the door he is crawling as fast as he can to get there. and he moves pretty fast these days.
  • chasing dada (both of them crawling around the house)
  • playing with balls
  • playing with the door stop. the springy kind that is attached to the bottom of the door. he loves the "boing" sound it makes.
  • sitting in front of the fan and having the air blow in his face. we just have to watch him carefully to make sure he keeps his hands off.
  • playing with the recycling. i put cardboard boxes and cans on the floor in the kitchen next to the garbage can until i have time to take them out to the recycling bin. he loves to throw around whatever is there.
  • throwing containers of baby food. i keep all his baby food in a bag on the floor of the kitchen (the result of a kitchen with barely any cupboards or storage). it is the perfect bag of toys.
  • swimming, the bathtub, the splash park, the hose...anything to do with water this kid loves.
  • babbling and squealing constantly and loudly. i like that he's vocal (and loud) like me!
  • pulling up (to standing) anywhere he can
  • crawling like crazy. sometimes his arms can't keep up with his legs and he totally face plants on the floor. it's hilarious!
  • basically leaving a trail of toys, books and magazines wherever he goes. our house seems to look a little chaotic these days
  • throwing. did i mention throwing?! throwing anything and everything he can get his hands on. this kid loves to throw. it is so funny to watch.
these days logan does not like:
  • getting dressed. i think he would prefer to go naked, but since that's not universally acceptable i think he would settle for nothing but a diaper. beyond that he kicks his legs when i try to dress him, his newest way to show he is not a fan of something.
  • being told no. he often tests us and try again whatever we just told him not to do (like not pound on the dvd player). when our "no" becomes firmer he does the major pouty face and begins to cry. we're not swayed though. we are masters at picking out his fake cry.
favorite foods:
  • mini nilla wafers (introduced by gammy)
  • veggie straws
  • chicken nuggets
  • chicken (sometimes)
  • edamame
  • any fruit, but especially cherries, mangos and strawberries
  • yogurt
  • applesauce
  • warm pasta
  • fruit baby food
  • dada (by far his favorite word). said in reference to dave and a lot of other things
  • mama
  • duh - duck and wah-wah-wah - his "quacking" sound for what a duck says
  • da - dog
  • ba - ball, bath, book, bottle and actually food in general. he says ba when he is hungry.
  • ba ba - bottle, including his sippy cup
  • moo - although his sound for cow sometimes is more like "boo"
  • this
  • uh-oh - this is his newest word. he says it when he drops something or throws a toy. i love to hear him say this!
this has been a fantastic year (although i will admit it's a little bittersweet that he's one). i can't wait to see what the next year brings. we love you logan!


Holly said...

Congratulations to your little family and your little moments! Amazing how time flies!

Gina said...

he's so cute- and at the BEST age. They change too quickly! Enjoy those chubby thighs while they last!

Amy said...

Happy birthday, big boy! Fun to read all about him. I love those big dark eyes.