Saturday, July 3, 2010

a belated father's day post

dave spoiled me on mother's day and so i tried to return the favor. the day was full of yummy food, a couple of presents, a nap for dave and time spent together. i loved having a whole day to celebrate dave! ps - the cute "super dad" toppers and "m&m bow-tie" are compliments of alison from 00psey-daisy you should check her out!
this burger was our attempt to recreate the" juicy lucy", something we saw on the travel channel. it is 2 patties with cheese inside that melts as you cook it and oozes out when you take a bite!
it was A LOT of meat, but oh so good! and dave was nice enough to help prepare his father's day dinner!
i can't seem to find the words to describe how i feel about dave as a father. they all seem inadequate. he is incredible! the best! he exceeded my expectations (and i had high expectations). i wish i could capture on camera the moment that dave walks in the door from work. the picture would "say" what my words lack. there is no doubt how much dave and logan adore each other. they both light up. it brings me soo much happiness!
a few moments i love over the past year that i have captured.

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Kristen said...

So cute, Stephanie! I love it.