Tuesday, August 3, 2010

clarity...four years later

before dave and i started dating (during the year of "just being friends") he was in a band called "clarity" with 3 other guys. the summer of 2006 the band broke up when their lead singer moved to california. this was them, 4 years ago at their last gig (i think).

since then there has been marriages, moving, babies (actually, i guess just one), degrees earned, new jobs, etc. last month the whole band was back together for the first time.

we started off the night at gunther toody's, a 50's style diner with amazing malts

and then it was time for a jam session

it was really fun to hear them play again and they settled back into their old groove quite nicely after a 4 year hiatus. logan was a rock star (pun intended) and slept through the whole thing which is quite impressive since we had a full blown concert going in our living room (2-3 amps, guitars, drums, singing) and our house isn't that big. it was a great night! can't wait to see what the jam session is like in another 4 years!

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