Tuesday, July 6, 2010


we went camping with dave's family a week and a half ago. it was the perfect weekend of relaxing, eating good food and enjoying the beautiful scenery.
pete pulled quite the load. i followed in the car behind he and dave. we had walkie talkies and it was awesome! i think walkie talkies should be a requirement whenever caravanning.
logan enjoyed chilling in the camper and testing his crawling boundaries. lucky for us he didn't like the feeling of the dirt and bark so he would stay on the tarp for the most part (before he got bored and was ready for a change of location).
like the camp chair
dave managed to keep busy attempting to fish (he wasn't very successful, but i sure think he looks cute)
and chopping at a fallen tree for no reason (unless you count trying to split the log in fewer strokes than sterling a reason).
we hung out a lot
did crossword puzzles
played cards. i was lucky and won both games we played. now sterling won't play skip-bo with me :(
went atv'ing! it was my first time and i loved it, even though it was crazy rocky.
it's never too young to start them atv'ing (don't freak out...the atv didn't move an inch)
and of course a wild game of chubby bunny. i can't remember the last time i played chubby bunny, but it's been a while because i was really rusty. my performance was embarrassing. i think kari was the ultimate champion with 10 marshmallows.
i love when we get to spend uninterrupted time together as a family. my favorite memory of this trip was waking with the 3 of us cozy in our tent (logan woke up in the middle of the night and was cold so we snuggled him up with us. while i am totally opposed to having our kids sleep with us, i loved it for a night). we snuggled for at least 30 minutes (logan's not much of a snuggler so it was a rare moment) before getting up and it was one of those moments where i was totally content. i could have stayed in the moment forever.

thanks for a wonderful weekend pete and kathy!

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