Monday, March 8, 2010

pieces of me

earlier i was reading a talk by elder jeffrey r. holland where he quoted ecclesiastes 6:14, "a faithful friend is a strong defense. and he that hath hath found a treasure."

this scripture made me think about this weekend when i spent some time with a friend that i consider a kindred spirit. i honestly believe we were meant to be friends (yes, like it was in the cosmos...our paths were meant to cross). she is the kind of friend i can say anything to, i can vent to, i can drop by her house without warning, we can sit and do nothing together and have a great time. i wish we could be next door neighbors one day (as in, i wish we could be next door neighbors today. too bad the house for rent next to hers was outside our budget). on saturday night we had a little movie night at her house. she offered to make us a milkshake in her awesome blender (think jamba juice blender. i have blender envy). but dave had already started his fast, so i passed (trying to be a supportive wife and not an evil temptress by drinking a yummy milkshake in front of him). but after thinking of that milkshake all day yesterday, i was craving one last night. so i texted my friend and asked if i could take her up on that milkshake offer. 20 minutes later (at 8:45) i was pulling up to her house to pick up 2 berry milkshakes and she even sent me home with a few slices of homemade bread. she is serving constantly (not just by making milkshakes). she is amazing and the type of person i want to be (she will be embarrassed when she reads this).

i started thinking about all the wonderful friends that i have from various parts and times of my life and all i have learned (growing up, church, cheerleading, soccer, high school, college, mission, washington dc, thailand, work, post college life, post married life etc.). friends who have helped me through hard times, have shown me a different perspective, friends who have made me laugh, have rocked out at dance parties with me, have traveled to new places with me, have taught me new skills, introduced me to new music and books, have taught me about motherhood, have taught me about love, about selflessness, about service, about the gospel and ultimately about being like christ. i see pieces of so many friends over the years in myself and i am grateful for the person i have become because of so many of you! i feel like i have found a wonderful treasure.


Stephanie said...

I want to be your kindred spirit! What's a girl gotta do - milkshakes, you say?? Give me a chance to woo you!! :)

BEStrickLoving said...

What a sweet post. It made my day!

Gina said...

Great post. That's the kind of friend you've been to me!
I'm lucky to know you!