Thursday, March 4, 2010

bedtime routine

every night before i go to bed i check on logan. i just have to. last night as i crawled into bed after checking on him, i said to dave, "i don't know why but i can't go to sleep until i've checked on logan." to which dave replied, "because you're a mom." his response made me so happy. even though i've been a mom for almost 8 months, every once in awhile i have those moments where i go, "wow! this is my baby, my son. i am a mom!" it is more fantastic than i ever could have imagined!

a few moments over the months where i not only snuck in to check on him, but snapped a picture (i can't believe he was ever as tiny as he was in the first picture)


Cassy said...

when i go to check on garrett, without fail, his blanket is over his face! sometimes i will move it b/c i get paranoid and then it will be pulled over his face again in the morning. boys are silly. i love the pics!

Natalie said...

That last picture of Logan with the blanket on his head is sooo cute! I seriously LOL'ed

Amy said...

Um, I'm no expert, but I don't think you're supposed to put blankets over your baby's head....JK!

I too check on all my "babies" right before I go to sleep every night. I wonder how I'll do when they're teenagers.

I also love a sleeping baby and have often taken photos of them sleeping. Just to cute to pass up.

Jen said...

Sleeping babes are the best!

Will has the same jammies as that last picture, I love them.