Thursday, March 25, 2010

are you kidding me?!

today while i was at the grocery store i heard the following:

a customer loudly announces to a couple of store workers that she has an important piece of feedback. the orange juice is located too far from the entrance of the store. as a frequent drinker of orange juice this is unacceptable. it is too far to walk to get her juice. this store should take a lesson from another store she's been to where the juice is located much closer (same chain, different location). they have it figured out. she explained that lots of healthy people drink orange juice and with summer coming that number will only increase. it is just too far to walk for her juice and if a change isn't made, she won't shop at the store any more. she then repeated her complaint to her checker.

my thoughts as i listened to the lady rant:
  1. she is crazy
  2. she clearly needs something real to worry about
  3. she is probably one of those people that always finds something to complain about
  4. are you kidding me?! do you actually expect them to rearrange their entire store so your juice is closer to the entrance.
  5. the store workers would probably appreciate it if she made good on her threat and shopped at a different store (perhaps the other one that has it all figured out).
  6. healthy people won't mind walking a little further to get their juice.

1 comment:

Cassy said...

i agree!!! that post made me laugh! let's just hope she isn't like that to everyone everyday!