Wednesday, March 24, 2010

8 months

these days logan:
  • is mimicking our sounds (as long as we make a sound he knows how to make)
  • is reaching for everything. he has quite the stretch, which is good for him since he shows no intention of becoming mobile.
  • loves showing off his 2 bottom teeth
  • loves grabbing noses. a stranger at the grocery store started talking to him and he reached right up and grabbed her nose. it was hilarious!
  • waves his arms, kicks his legs and bounces up and down when he gets excited.
  • holds his arms up at about shoulder height and waves them when he gets upset
  • loves throwing toys. especially his rubber blocks. and then folding himself in half to try and reach whatever he's just thrown.
  • loves bananas, peaches and bananas with mixed berries baby food and prefers oatmeal to rice cereal. he bangs on his tray and leans forward with his mouth open to let me know i need to pick up the feeding pace.
  • still can't decide what he thinks of graham crackers. he had his first one a couple weeks ago.
  • has entered the "i drop it, you pick it up" stage
  • likes to "walk" when his daddy holds his hands and helps him
  • seems to have rediscovered his hands. he holds them in front of his face and moves them around
  • will scream if you squish his cheeks
  • likes to chew on his thumb
  • loves reading books and being sung to
  • loves attention and will usually smile is someone talk to him
  • loves to be held
  • grunts, then holds his breath and his face turns bright red when he poops. it is hilarious! (sorry, tmi)
  • likes to suck on his toes again. but now he folds himself in half to get to them
  • loves to have his belly kissed
  • does "head bumps" with daddy (touches foreheads)
  • favorite word is da-da, although we're not 100% sure he knows who da-da is
  • talks to himself as he falls asleep and when he wakes up
  • favorite toys: measuring spoons, his eating spoon and the remote control


Jen said...

What a cutie!

Carla said...

So adorable! I can't believe he is 8 months old already. Craaazy. I love his eyes especially. :)