Thursday, March 25, 2010

grow it, shave it, beat it

a couple of months ago dave became involved with st. baldrick's, a foundation that raises funds for childhood cancer research (more than any organization except the u.s. government). dave reached his goal of raising $500 and celebrated by shaving his head at the denver shave event (one of 3,500 shave events that happened throughout the world). logan and i headed downtown to witness dave's transformation.
before and after. he looks pretty darn hot if i do say so myself!
here we go!
i'm so proud of dave! it was inspiring to be at the event and see so many people that are working to make a difference. maybe next year i'll try to raise money too. although i don't think i can rock the bald look like dave (or the women i saw at the shave event). i have a HUGE dent in the back of my head (trust me, it's huge).

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Natalie said...

okay, I know that this is a weird comment to make, but it has to be said.... I have a big dent in the back of my head too! actually it's more like a little valley and my biggest fear is having no hair because i would look ridiculous. Good to know someone else has a funny looking head too :)