Sunday, November 8, 2009

2nd annual birthday jam session and wings

even though he lives in los angeles, we were lucky enough to celebrate zach's birthday with him for the 2nd year in a row (thanks to a long layover on his way home from a business trip). i think we've started a tradition...dinner at "city pub" (their blueberry habanero wings are to die for), followed by a little jam session at our house.
zach, dave, kelly and i enjoying the wings
the night wouldn't be complete without the kogan sisters -
andrea and trista

i got confused and thought zach was on his way to canada not on his way home from canada. i was so disappointed when i realized this because i had a list of candy and my favorite pen that i was requesting he bring back for me (all of which are not found in the usa). but he pulled through without even knowing and brought back a variety of canadian candy bars (no pens...he's not a total mind reader i guess). lets just say i was in heaven with my caramilk and wunderbar!
the last time dave and zach played together i was 5 months pregnant and as soon as dave started playing the drum logan started kicking like crazy. this time logan slept through the whole jam session.
post bath serenade
dave and zach playing their "angry song" which really is just plain funny
logan doesn't quite know what to think of the "angry song"

same time, same place next year?! hopefully by then zach will have made it back to colorado permanently!

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