Saturday, November 7, 2009


a few weeks ago logan and i headed to sacramento to attend our nephew/cousin's baptism. the trip was full of firsts for logan:

first airplane ride
logan did really well for the most part. he experienced nursing and getting his diaper changed at 30,000 feet for the first time! and i experienced changing a blow-out at 30,000 feet. exciting times for both of us!
attending his first baptism
we are so proud of josh for his decision to be baptized and follow Christ's example. we were so happy we could be there for such a special event. we were also lucky enough to hear josh and lexi share their testimonies at church and during our special family testimony meeting. there is nothing like hearing kids share their sweet feelings about Christ.
first visit to a pumpkin patch
we visited the coolest pumpkin patch. it had so many fun things to do: climb on old trains and tractors, a petting zoo, hay to jump in, huge tires to crawl on and delicious ice cream cones and apple cider!
first time in a double stroller
i didn't bring a stroller on this trip and so i used my sister's double stroller when we went to the mall. i got a lot of strange looks and even a few comments from concerned shoppers that were afraid i had lost the other stroller occupant! at the mall i was introduced to the most amazing popcorn shop. i was also sad that i left my visit to h&m empty handed (denver doesn't have one and i had high hopes of stocking up on some cute clothes).
first time "carving" pumpkins with papa
my dad is the best pumpkin carver. i have great memories of carving pumpkins with my dad (once in high sschool he even helped me carve a pumpkin to respond to a guy who asked me to homecoming). my dad was helping myles, lexi and josh carve their pumpkins and logan participated in his own way...

first time in a jack-o-latern
fun with cade and carter
not a first, but too cute not to include! logan met 10 of his 11 cousins when he was just a few days old (his 11th cousin was born a couple months after him). this visit was a great reunion with 5 of them. cade and carter loved holding, kissing and playing with "baby logan!"

limp noodle logan
mark holding logan while he impersonates a limp noodle. seriously, how does he fall asleep like that (his head looks like it is about to break off)?! he seems to love it though.
logan's new sleeping habit
he loves to have his blanket over his face. he loves this "lovey" mindy made him.

we had so much fun with the rawlings! the time just flew by. a few other first's:
  • leaving logan with a complete stranger for the first time (at the kid's club at the gym)
  • watching "high school musical 3" for the first time
  • running with my sister (i can't remember if this is a first. if anything it is the first time in a long time. she kicked my butt. she is running a half marathon in a few weeks so she rocks running)
  • walking myles to kindergarden
  • watching myles and josh play soccer
  • watching the twins tear it up on their razor scooters (and apparently they weren't even at their peak performance)
heading home to snowy colorado...
the flight home was so much better. mainly because we were on a normal sized plane (on the way there we were on a regional jet...tight even if you don't have a baby on your lap) and we had a whole row to ourselves. logan sprawled out on 2 seats and slept like an angel baby for most of the flight!

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