Sunday, August 30, 2009


the last time i went running i was 5 months pregnant. however the bigger i got the less appealing (or more painful) running became. so i traded my runs for daily walks at lunch with my friend jessica. but i was envious of the runners that passed by us as we walked. i missed running. then logan was born. almost everyday we go for a walk on a trail by our house and i watch the runners with envy. but once again the thought of running has been a painful one. but yesterday all that changed! logan and i headed over to my parents house for a visit and he spent some quality time with nana and papa while i headed out on a run. my body seemed to know where to go without even thinking. as i ran, i thought back on other "milestone" runs along my familiar route. i remember going for a run right after opening my acceptance letter to byu. i was thrilled and felt like i was floating (even going up the big hill). the day after i returned home from my mission i went for a run. it was the first time in 18 months i had been completely alone and i kept looking around for my companion. within minutes my lungs felt like they were going to explode as my body adjusted back to the high elevation. and yesterday it didn't take long before my legs were aching and the pace i was going probably couldn't qualify as running, but it sure felt good to be back!


Maegan said...

I hope it wasn't too bad as you work your way back into running. Sounds like running is very therapeutic to you.

Jessica said...

Running is the bomb! So glad you are getting back into it. The fall leaves will be the best to run through for sure.