Thursday, August 27, 2009

logan's blessing

in our church we don't perform infant baptism as we believe babies are innocent and sinless and people don't need to be baptized until they are older and accountable for their actions. we do however give each baby a blessing shortly after they are born. on sunday, august 16 logan was given a beautiful blessing by his dad. he was perfect and didn't make a peep (phew)! he even slept during all of sacrament meeting and didn't seem to mind getting passed from one end of the row to the other!
he wore the same blessing outfit that all 7 of his boy cousins have worn for their blessings. the blanket he is laying on was made by his great grandma todd 7 years ago. it has just been waiting all these years for me to get married and have a baby!

i love the little shoes!
we are so lucky to have so much family that lives here and could celebrate the special day with us. great grandma and grandpa muir were in town for the weekend and we were happy they could be there.
our little family
of course we love a good excuse to get together and eat.
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Maegan said...

So cute. Looks like an awesome blessing day. Wish we could have been there.