Thursday, August 27, 2009

road trip

the first weekend in august logan went on his first road trip. we headed to utah for my friend andrea's wedding and we were lucky enough to have aunt kari join us. the drive went smoothly except for a stop by the wyoming state patrol for speeding in a construction zone. yikes! the ironic thing was i had just been bragging to kari minutes earlier that i was being good and not speeding like i usually do on road trips. luckily i got off with just a warning. logan was an angel in the car and didn't make a peep except for when he was hungry and then he let us know loud and clear that he wanted to eat immediately. as a result we were able to spend some quality time in places like wamsutter, wyoming (the loves truck stop there is quite could even take a shower if you wanted. don't worry, we passed on the shower). on the way home we worked out a good system of me pumping and feeding logan while kari drove. it shaved a few hours off the trip and on the way home wyoming didn't seem (as much) like the never ending state.
we stayed in ogden with erin and john and logan was finally able to meet the last of his aunts and uncles

chillin' with aunt erin. she had the magic touch!
little logan with big john
driving from ogden to provo for the wedding i was reminded of a few things:
1. I-15 is always under construction
2. utah drivers have no concept of the purpose of the left lane. seriously folks, it is the FAST lane/passing lane. get over slow drivers! and if you are pulling a boat or a big trailer you definitely don't qualify to be in the left lane.

the weather was beautiful, the bride was beautiful and the sealing was beautiful. i was so happy i could be there for andrea's big day.
thanks kari and erin for watching logan so i could go.
the reception was gorgeous. it was at andrea's parent's amazing home. i love how in the picture above andrea is just gazing up at jonathan.
i was lucky enough to squeeze in a quick visit with my old mission companion kimber. she is awesome and it had been way too long since we had seen each other. we recommitted (once again) to being better at keeping in touch.
it was fun to be back in provo. i have so many wonderful memories there and i forgot how much i love it. it was fun to take logan around byu campus.
as you can tell he was enthralled by the experience
kari deflating the air mattress! it's the only picture i have of her from the whole trip. i didn't even get a picture of erin, kari and i. i was a slacker. it sure was a fun trip though!


Chris and Kimber said...

it was so much fun to see you. thanks for making time and stopping by. i am going to be better at keeping in touch, at least i hope so.

Erin said...

Could we remove the pictures of me....or at least black out my face! Really, I look awful!!!