Wednesday, August 5, 2009


logan is definitely his father's son. he makes the funniest faces (here are a few classic dave faces for your viewing pleasure). of course even though we have taken tons of pictures, i still can't seem to catch some of his funnier faces (like when he is farting or trying to poop and he puckers his lips). but here are a few i have caught.


we know he's hungry when he will suck on dave's nose (don't ask how we figured that one out)

no neck. he looks a little like jabba the hut to me 
(except much cuter, of course)

our little homie

not quite sure about what's going on

we can't get enough of this guy! we are so in love!


John, Kara, and Myla said...

He does look just like his daddy huh? That Logan so cute Steph!

Sean and Katelin Bringhurst said...

Logan is adorable I cant believe you have a baby and I have still Yet to meet your husband. come on grandpa family trip please! you are probably the best mom ever!