Friday, August 14, 2009


i went to the dentist earlier this week and i have a cavity. my first cavity. ever. i have to admit i am a little nervous to get it filled. this is new territory for me and i am not looking forward to getting a shot in my mouth. i definitely didn't get any sympathy from dave though. he has had a lot more dental work than me (especially in the past 2 years) and he doesn't eat near the amount of sweets or sugar that i do. i guess i have pretty good genetics (at least dental genetics) which is a good thing since i don't forsee my sweet tooth going away any time soon.


Jessica said...

Good luck Steph, it's not so bad. You could always skip the shot and take the pain if you'd rather, that's what my mom does... but she's kinda crazy. :) First cavity EVER, that's amazing!

Anna said...

Pregnancy will do that to ya. Our sweet babies suck the calcium right from our teeth! Good luck at your appt.

The Carlson Crew said...

It's kind of sad to think how much those dentists really ENJOY sticking us with a me. :) Good luck! It will be great. And way to go having your first cavity just now! Love your cute baby.