Tuesday, July 28, 2009

logan's first bath

we went to a birthday party on friday night and decided to get logan all clean and spiffed up for his public debut. apparently he didn't like his first bath at home any more than he liked his first bath in the hospital. he cried and cried and you would have thought we were the worst parents in the world for subjecting him to such torture. 

he looks like he is putting up his fists in protest. 
he could also be mad because he had just peed all over himself. it took dave and i by surprise and so i think our reaction time was a little delayed to get him covered up (at least so he wasn't peeing directly in his face)

even when he is crying i still think he is soo cute

a moment of peace

he survived!
all bundled up. i love the hooded towel. thanks jessica! 

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Sean and Katelin Bringhurst said...

the picture of Logan in the towel is about the cutest thing of my life! congratulations Steph