Thursday, July 30, 2009


dave and i have a weakness for ben & jerry's, but my weakness has reached a new level with the discovery of this flavor...
my sisters brought me some right after logan was born and since then i dream about it and constantly crave it. every time i go to the grocery store (or even drive past the store) i fight a major battle to not cave into my craving (which i have lost more than once). it is all i want to eat! the knowledge of what it will do to my waistline (which i'm trying to get to shrink, not expand) and our bank account (which we'd like to see expand, not shrink by buying overpriced ice cream) is what keeps me somewhat in check. i think i could go for some right now!

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Anna Cosby said...

okay, I have eaten an entire pint by myself 2 times this week. My new fav. is Misson to Marzipan. It's more gooey and doesn't have as many chunks to get stuck in my braces. :)