Tuesday, July 7, 2009

festive 4th!

the day started off with "zach's toy toss" in honor of zach who used to toss his toys on the roof of the house. then we headed to the memorial of a local guy who went to dave's high school and was killed while serving in afghanistan.

then we wandered around the cherry creek arts festival. the culinary students from dave's school had a booth where they were demonstrating an ice carving. it was pretty amazing to see the student carve a beautiful swan using a chain saw! we also managed to swing by "the wizard's chest" and try on some wigs and masks. we have so much fun in that store! 

then after a nice afternoon nap we met up with kari, sterling and jeff for fireworks in the park. luckily there was no rain in the evening, although it was pretty chilly. we jammed out to a local band while we waited for it to get dark and dave and sterling found the kid's craft tent and made some hats. they were pretty proud of themselves and their hats. kari doesn't look so sure about it all!

i feel blessed to live in such a great country and for the sacrifices of those past and present that make freedom possible.

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