Wednesday, July 1, 2009

frodo feet

that is what dave calls my feet because they look like this

they are seriously huge (but at least they're not hairy). i don't think this picture does them justice (and yes, the right foot is bigger than the left foot). let's just say they are swollen enough that people have actually stopped and commented on them. after an unseasonably cool june, the temperature is starting to rise and my feet are getting even bigger (if that is possible) and redder. on a side note, our little house is also getting hotter. let's just say i am already missing our air conditioning (which means it could be a long summer since we're just getting started with the hot). we have ceiling fans but they are a little in we're afraid they might fly off the ceiling and slice off an appendage if we turn them on too high. thankfully my sister-in-law lent us a fan that keeps us cool enough while we're sleeping. last night i asked dave if he was feeling loving. he knew just what i was hinting at and was a good man and rubbed my jumbo sized feet with sweet pea body butter (foot rubs are one of his many talents i have discovered since we got married). that is love! and hopefully soon enough my feet will shrink back down from jumbo to normal size!


Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

I empathize!!! I am so sorry about your swelling. Yay that you get to see your little bundle of joy soon, and the swelling can start to go down after wards. My doctor had me take aveeno baths(oatmeal stuff) and that helped soothe the swelling sometimes. you should try it! Yay for flip flops!

Heidi said...

Oh STeph--I feel your pain, or rather have felt your pain!! My feet were the only thing that got swollen and I remember how I couldn't wait for them to be back to normal. You are a tropper and I can't wait to see pictures of the baby and find out what you will name him.. Love you!!