Tuesday, July 1, 2008

oh canada!

happy canada day! here's what "the toronto star" says about today: "It's been 141 years since this improbable country was created from a collection of disparate British colonies, with little linking them other than the fact they were not the United States."
i grew to love this country while i lived and served there for 18 months. if i could, i would have celebrated today with lots of canadian treats: crispy crunch, wunderbars, tim bits and nanimo bars...and that's just the beginning. instead i attempted to sing "oh canada" to dave and was quite disappointed that i had forgotten so many words. but despite that fact, i love canada and was so happy to reminisce a little today.


Melanie said...

I was in bed last night when suddenly I realized I hadn't done anything to celbrate. I'm kind of mad about it. Maybe I'll try to put together a belated batch of Nanaimo bars . . . no runny!

Amy said...

Cool post. When I visited Toronto I really liked that city and would for sure visit again. The Lexi post was cute too. Looks like tons of fun - a great memory for her.

Chris and Kimber said...

I was so happy to celebrate Canada Day! I did it with good ole perogies. Yummy! I hate that I have forgotten some of the words to Oh Canada as well. I was singing it to Chris and couldn't remember it all.