Saturday, July 5, 2008

i'm proud to be an american

i love the fourth of july. it is one of my favorite holidays and i am so grateful to live in this wonderful country where we enjoy so many freedoms. i know these freedoms don't come without sacrifice and i am grateful for the many people who have and still do give so much to make freedom possible. dave and i visited the monument of a fallen navy seal who died a couple of years ago. he graduated the same year i did from dave's high school (the year before dave). it was humbling to be there and be reminded of his sacrifice.

i thought this quote from the navy seal creed on his monument was really powerful and descriptive of america's attitude and feelings

we also spent some time with our families. we had breakfast with dave's parents and later went to my parent's annual ward bbq. myles loved the water slide and i had to take a picture of one of the twins (i am embarassed to say that i don't know if it is carter or cade...oops)

that night we went to see colorado's pro soccer team, the colorado rapids, with mindy, cole, lincoln and payton. we had a great time and the rapids beat the new york red bulls 4-0. the kids did great even though it was way past their bed time, although they didn't quite make it through the fireworks show. a band played after the game and the fireworks were AMAZING and went of forever. it's the largest show in the state and we loved it.

happy independence day!

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Cole said...

We sure had a great time with you dudes! Could you please e-mail me those pics! They are SO cute!

Maegan said...

That sounds like an awesome 4th. We saw some of the fireworks from work.

The Jacksons said...

Looks like a great day! How neat to go to that monument. That makes it even more special!

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is your cousin Karen from Idaho. It sounds like you had a great time with several different people. It is great that you had a blog - I love to see what you are doing. It is great to keep up with family this way. So thanks for sharing.
We missed you and your family at the Clark Reunion last week. It was fun and we had a lot of fun things to do. A lot of people came that haven't come for a while so it was great. We had a biggggg slide and a jumping toys for the kids. The slide could have adults on it too. So everyone had fun. So I hope you will come to one soon. I would love to meet the new people in the Todd Family. So keep up the blogging and I am exciting to check what is next on your blog. Take care. my blog is:

Take care,

Amy said...

I love all the posts. They are really fun and it looks like your holiday was a great one. I loved the '80's pics, especially Dave's mullet. It really was nasty and I'm glad that part of the '80's hasn't come back!!