Thursday, July 10, 2008


a couple of weeks ago dave and i went to wedding reception that was held at a beautiful golf course in the foothills. it was absolutely breathtaking! eli was nice enough to take a couple of pictures of us.
after the reception we chaperoned a multi-stake youth dance at the cannery. we even got asked which stake we were from when we got there…until we explained that we were there to chaperone (and the person at the table asked to see my left ring finger!). we manned the sno-cone table (cherry or grape?) and by the end we were pros and could even do half and half (half cherry, half grape) without a second thought! it was fun to be with the youth and we even managed to squeeze in a couple of dances (the rest of the time i danced at the sno-cone table and dave pretended he didn’t know me:)


Megs said...

Sounds like a great night. Chaperoning the youth dances can be so painful as you watch the awkward young men try to be cool. It does make for great entertainment though!! You look great in these pictures.

Seth Jenson said...

beautiful pics!!