Thursday, July 10, 2008

dinner and a show

dave and i decided to go on a date tonight (i love dates on thursday night). i decided i wanted to surprise him, so i blindfolded him, drove around a little to throw him off and we ended up at benihana's. he is amazing and still figured out where we were going, even when i drove in a few circles. we had a lot of fun and ate some amazing food! i learned that i should have gotten the fried rice and next time i will splurge and get some shrimp or seafood with my meal. our chef israel was great and i wish i had taken a video of some of the stuff he did (especially with the egg). we decided it would be awesome to have a big griddle like that in our house and dave wants to learn to cook that way, which i am all for! dave wanted me to preface the picture of us by explaining that he had steak in his mouth and that is why he is smiling that way. i still think he looks pretty cute!

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The Gordons said...

SO I know it was a few posts ago- but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 80's pic of you and Dave- seriously?? Crimped hair?? So awesome. PS your date night looks fun/ sounds yummy!