Tuesday, September 11, 2007

our second date

on saturday we went on our "second date" with kyle, a friend from church...he mentioned a third date and if things keep going well we think we'll get to meet the parents soon (our first date was the saturday before. we got breakfast burritos at a little mexican joint and saw a morning showing of "ferris bueller's day off" at a theater that features "flashback films")! he asked dave and i if we would be interested in hiking a fourteener and we said yes. i am embarrassed to say that i have grown up in colorado, the state with the most fourteeners, and this was my first one. i knew we would have to get up early, but i had no idea what i was getting myself into. i would have considered 6:00 am on a saturday morning really early to get up (even 7:00 am), but this was a whole other story. we got out of bed at 3:45 am and left a little after 4:30...yikes! we hiked mount sherman and it was a great hike! the wind was definitely chilly at times and it was a rocky hike...i think i almost rolled my ankle a few times, but it was worth it when we reached the summit and i got to sign the log for making it to the top!

we determined kyle is part mountain goat (we will now to refer to him as KMG- aka kyle mountain goat). seriously, that guy can move. this is him cruising up the mountain. dave signing the log at the summit. he looks a little confusedhappy to have made it to the top. signing the log on the top of my first fourteener!huh?!on the way down i learned something new about my husband...he is a "saved by the bell" (sbtb) expert. i loved sbtb growing up and i would consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the show, but i couldn't hold a candle to dave or kyle. on the way down it was sbtb trivia time and dave and kyle were amazing. i would love to see them challenge the mckinnon sisters in a sbtb trivia game. i think it would be a great competition. we had a great time and are so glad kyle invited us to come along.

overall it was a great day rounded out with rocking out to 80's tv show theme songs on the drive home and eating beau jos pizza, the best pizza in colorado. we were pretty much wiped the rest of saturday (although not too tired to go to target and best buy looking for some seasons of "saved by the bell" on dvd).


Megs said...

Bring it on!! My game is packed downstairs, but can be busted out at any moment. I actually caught a moment of SBTB this morning. Zack and Kelly outside the dance when Kelly's dad lost his job and she couldn't afford a dress. So cute.

Gina said...

You guys are so outdoorsy!
Sorry, what is a fourteener? 14 miles? 14,000 feet? I have no idea, but it sounds so impressive!
Your blog is so cute!
I LOVE your wedding photos. Your photographers did a great job. And of course you guys were easy subjects! I'm linking you from my blog!

Gina said...

love the black and white!