Sunday, September 16, 2007

honeymoon in cancun!!

i am FINALLY posting pictures from our honeymoon. i've been slow but at least it's finally happening. we left bright and early the day after we were married to fly to cancun for our honeymoon...a little more bright and early than we would have preferred. luckily we stayed in a hotel by the airport and a hotel shuttle took us and dropped us off at our gate so we could sleep a little longer. now in case you are worried when i mentioned cancun, we were there a couple weeks before they started getting slammed by hurricanes (lucky us) and the weather was perfect. we stayed in a beautiful all-inclusive resort and the week couldn't have been more fantastic. we took advantage of the many restaurants and room service (you could literally get food any hour of the day), the pool complete with a swim up bar (we made the most of the free drinks...we was addicted to pina coladas and of course), incredible nightly shows (latin night with amazing dancers...i wish i could dance like them, traditional mexican night with mexican dancers and even a mariachi band and saturday night fever complete with guys in bell bottoms that were way too tight). it was a great place (props to dave and his dad for finding it).
the entrance to our resort. we were so psyched when we drove up to it

the pool and the ocean. we loved laying by the pool.

i'm a little embarrassed about my crazy bangs, but i had to post the picture because the beach was so pretty.

a really cool outdoor restaurant at the resort (notice the pina coladas)

we were there for a rodizio-style dinner night where they came around with all different types of meat on skewers. it was sooo good!

i told you i loved the pina coladas! i think i had at least 2 (or 3) almost every night for dinner, not to mention the pina coladas or daiquiris we got at the evening shows and the pool. let's be honest, we drank a lot!!

a night of shopping in downtown cancun. we discovered this really cool outdoor mall.

we went on a really cool mayan adventure excursion. we started out kayaking. we were racing against the 3 other couples that were on the excursion with us. unfortunately we lost which was especially disappointing since the winners got free shots of tequila. we'll have to work on our kayaking skills (ok, i'll have to work on my kayaking skills) so we can win the tequila next time :o)

after the kayaking we hiked through the jungle notice our hardcore guide in the camo!

we hiked to a cenote, an underground freshwater sinkhole/cave. before we went into the cenote we received a blessing from a mayan shaman in his native language to purify us since the cenote is sacred.

the entrance to the cenote

going down...the cenote was incredibly beautifulour grand entrance

after swimming for a little while we hiked back out and drove to our next adventure... zip lining! both dave and i enjoyed the speed and didn't use our wooden hook shaped brake to slow us down until the last minute. if we wouldn't have used the brake in time the padded pole would have stopped us!

i was especially proud of dave because he isn't the biggest fan of heights...but he is always up for an adventure. does he look a little worried? maybe the padded pole was coming a little too fast!

helmet heads!

repelling time! it was my first time and i was really excited!

after repelling and lunch at a local mayan village we headed to the ruins at coba. this temple is the tallest temple in the area and one of the few you can still climb on. we rented these old school mountain bikes from the main part of the village and rode to the main temple. it was SOO hot that the breeze felt good. we were definitely sweaty by the time we climbed to the top.

the view from the top

heading was a little steep

we had such a fun time seeing some of the sites in the area. we also went to a water park one morning and rode some fun water slides. probably our favorite part was the lazy river...although it wasn't necessarily relaxing since we were playing tag and running through the river. we also swam with the dolphins which was so fun. i wish we had bought a waterproof camera to capture the fun. the dolphins are trained to kiss you on the cheek for a picture but when it was my turn pablito, our dolphin, went straight for my lips. i think it surprised the trainer and it definitely surprised me. dave didn't know how he felt about a dolphin getting fresh with his wife! we had such a fantastic honeymoon! it was a great way to start out our new life together!


Gina said...

You guys are so adventurous! Of course I knew that about Steph, but Dave too! By the way Steph, you look hot in your bathing suit! Don't worry Dave, I know she's taken. We had our time together!

Megs said...

I love these pictures and I love the new blog look. Very cute. I hope there are more swim suit pictures to come. Very hot (Easy Dave, I am talking about Steph here)

Seth Jenson said...

great photos! don't you wish you could go back and do it all over again and savor the whole experience one more time?