Friday, September 14, 2007

fantastic friday

so here are the top 3 reasons why today has been so fantastic (besides the fact that it is friday and the weekend is almost here):
  1. talking to my husband on the phone. always a treat during the work day. i get excited when i see his number come up on the screen of my phone.

  2. the dvds for seasons 1-4 of "saved by bell" came in the mail (i had them delivered to work)! i am going to study up so i can represent a little better in future "saved by the bell" trivia games and not get schooled by my amazing husband (i had a poor showing last saturday during the spontaneous trivia session. pretty disappointing since i considered myself a more knowledgeable fan). watch out i come!

  3. i met my old co-worker niki for lunch at "the spicy pickle" (yumm! sausalito bandido). we used to be cube neighbors and we would talk all day, everyday about what was going on in our lives...the good things and the hard things. we still email, but it's not the's been a lonely 4 months since she left. i miss our talks and get excited whenever we can get together. thanks for a fun lunch niki!!

  4. i know i only said 3 reasons, but number four is a potential for the list. we are going out tonight with our friends skye and chris. skye is my old roommate and since i have a new roommate i don't see her as much. plus dave and chris are buddies and i think they like to get together as much as skye and i do. sometimes i think they could be long lost brothers.

    now if i can only make it through the rest of my work day...


Maegan said...

I want in on the Saved By the Bell trivia game next time. I bet I could keep up pretty well and maybe give Dave a run for his money. I am so jealous that you are watching Saved by the Bell!

Megs said...

I love SBTB. Enjoy catching up with the old gang. Sounds like a great start to your weekend!