Friday, September 7, 2007

the BIG day!

we just got our wedding pictures back and we love them! we had the best photographers and had a great time taking pictures (we recommend dusty and michelle to everyone with photography needs we've had so much fun looking at the pictures and remembering what a fantastic day it was. everything went perfectly...the weather was great, the ceremony was beautiful, the reception was so much fun and it was great seeing so many friends. i thought i would post a few pictures to share our wonderful day (ok, there will probably be more than just a few)!

whoops! a little wardrobe malfunction
my beautiful flowergirl lexi

we were pretty pumped to be married! i must say i am impressed with our air!!

we needed a little refreshment since it was pretty hotthe incredible buffet table. it was the vision (and product) of my talented sister-in-law lyndamy dedicated flower girl. i couldn't have asked for better!my misison girls melanie, liz and andrea! i was so happy they made the trip to denvergina my best friend from college. it wouldn't have been right if she wasn't theremy mom did an incredible job on this cake! you would never know most of it was styrofoam!cutting the cake (i love the 3 little guys watching). everything looks so innocent here
but that all changed! here is the play by play so you can feel like you were there!dave returned the favorwe are not the type who would sweetly feed the cake to each other. here's the proof!looking a little devious

the fellas!

the ladies!

getting down on the dance floor

dave had to work extra hard to get this kiss from lexi. afterward she ran away and wouldn't talk to him for the rest of the night. we're glad she's not into kissing boys yet!

on our way!

obviously it ended up being more than a FEW pictures (way to go if you made it through all of them). it was so hard to choose from all 500 they took. we had such a great day!


Maegan said...

Those pictures are great. I too am impressed with the air that you guys got. That would be pretty difficult to jump very high with a gorgeous wedding dress on. I am so glad we got to see you guys.

Seth Jenson said...

awesome pics!!!! your photographer was incredible. it was fun to see you guys on your big day.