Sunday, October 6, 2013

slice of life: september

the first few pictures are actually the end of august, but i'm throwing them in anyway!
logan went with dave and pappy to the last day of the usa pro challenge in downtown denver. he even got to participate in a little strider bike race. 
having fun on nana and papa's waterslide! 
a beautiful hike on labor day. logan did great and gets better every time we go. emma also thought hiking was great! i would too if someone carried me and fed me water and snacks!
their first time helping feed connor. they were so excited and did such a great job! they love to help with him. 
emma is always full of loves for connor. this picture of her snuggling him while feeding him is so fitting. 
snuggling with pappy
i included this because a long time ago dave started arranging their cut pieces of quesadilla into the shape of the first letter of their name. ever since then, logan demands his quesadilla be in the shape of an L!
this is the bead that we found stuck up emma's nose. yes, in her nose. i was just laying her down to change her diaper and happened to notice something in her nose. it was a bead from a bracelet she had broken in her bed a couple of days earlier. luckily dave had a steady hand and was able to extract the bead. talk about real life application of the game operation!
gerri, my visiting teacher and the kids adopted church grandma, gave the kids these banks they could paint. they loved the art project.
getting connor up in the morning. it's a whole family affair!
do you think he was nervous about being in a small crib with his 2 crazy siblings?! the picture on the left below seems to suggest the answer is yes!
(plus a picture of some sweet feathered looking hair on logan. i promise we don't actually feather it!)
even cute when he's crying!
the kids were painting (watercolors) and decided to do a little body paint (doesn't emma look like she got into a fight?!)! logan came and told me he was a lamanite (or he could be an amlicite)!
a day with morgy!
everyday i go something called "mommy loves" with the kids (which ends with a little horsey ride on my lap). emma is doing mommy loves to logan here (specifically the horsey ride part).
logan was doing a "bike race" out back and set up quite the comfy spot for emma to watch the race. 
probably my favorite picture of connor. i love this boy so much!
i had gotten out the markers for the kids to color while dave and i were working on something on the computer in another room. really leaving the kids unattended with markers wasn't my smartest move. they did this just to remind me of that fact! by the way, while markers are washable, they still don't wash off bodies all that easily or completely. the kids sported paler versions of their body art for days afterward (until after enough baths it completely washed away).
our first time visiting cabelas
i'm loving my special time with emma while logan is at preschool 
taking their babies for a walk. just in case you're worried, dave didn't forget his baby. it's just in the bassinet beneath that empty seat. and please note emma's dolly is covered up by her lovie. she's such a good little mama (and a safe one too)!
whenever connor is laying on the floor, it's only a matter of time before logan and emma join him. 

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Okay, Connor is the cutest baby! What a sweet, sweet smile!