Friday, October 4, 2013


i love sneaking in to my kids rooms and watching them sleep. usually before i head to bed i check on them and make sure they are ok and cover them up with the blankets they've inevitably kicked off. there is something about this nightly experience that feels so motherly to me. i remember reading once that no matter how frustrated and exasperated you can get with your kids during the day, there is something about watching them sleep that melts all of that frustration away. and it's true! after many a frustrating day, watching them sleep peacefully reminds me of their sweetness and helps me forget the whining and disobedience. and lately i can't help but snap a picture of the sweetness...or the funny ways they sleep! 
logan and emma share a room now, but it hasn't been very conducive to sleep (they have way too much fun). so after too many days in a row of them staying awake during nap time and keeping each other awake for hours after we put them to bed (and a lot of yelling from me. that didn't do one bit of good, by the way), they now nap in different rooms and we put logan down at night in our bed and move him back to his bed when we go to sleep. it's not the ideal, but the kids sleep and i don't have to yell. win win!
poor sweaty girl. no ac during the summer is brutal.
i love that little hand he wiggled out
 sleeping on the huge bean bag chair at the taylor's in kansas. surrounded by books, toys and stuffed "friends." a typical scene. 
 moving logan back into his bed. it's sweet to be able to snuggle him while he's sleeping. he is so big now.
the kids got a kick out of seeing pictures of them sleeping!

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Holly said...

Have you tried putting the kids down at different times so one has time to fall asleep before the other one? Maybe Logan could be "big kid" enough to be quiet upon going in not to wake up Emma.